Renato Santarossa has been working with the media of glass since l969. His roots stem from the internationally renowned Zero Group (formed in the l950's) who demonstrated the first real attempt to formulate a new artistic language (the conventional medium of brush and paint were eschewed and elementary sources such as light, shade, fire, smoke and metals used in the construction of abstract images). Santarossa, through his glass sculpture, has been continuing with this research. His starting point is his excitement about the three-dimensionality of transparency. As Santarossa himself says "this is my motivation for having chosen glass, more precisely the sheet of glass as a medium for my artistic statement. I injured, I destroyed, I smeared and I covered transparency. My intention is to make it visible in order to provide a new ordering of space"
Cutting and breaking the glass creates light lines, lights and shadows and so his glass cutter is his pencil, his brush and his chisel and the sheet of glass is his canvas, his paper and his stone. His research, although consistent with his love of glass, follows in many ways a haphazard path. Santarossa is always open to the possibilities that a chance encounter might create. In the past he has worked closely with a glass factory in Germany (Flachglas AG - a subsidiary of Pilkington) and as the technologies in glass manufacturing develop so new arenas are opening for him to explore. He is well used to working for deadlines and one of the projects he received most acclaim for was a public sculpture in Munich Airport which was commissioned by Lufthansa. His exhibition, entitled "Line/Shadow/Transparency" officially launched 'the gallery'.